Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's Break Bread!

After my freak out at Trader Joes yesterday I woke up with my fridge stocked with veggies, whole grain bread, organic peanut butter, fruit, eggs, and chili. What in the world do I do with that? I found this funky microwavable egg thing at a thrift store for $1. Put an egg on toast with some pepper, cut up apples on the side, with a cup of coffee, and I was good to go! I actually was surprised that I feel sleepy at like 1pm. Eggs are a great source of protein...even though it's only took me 21 years to realize. 

For my class today (Food Justice) we visited an all organic sustainable farm in Kankakee, IL owned by an older woman who totally loved the Lord. Genesis Growers supplies local grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets, etc. with fresh organically grown produce. It was so interesting getting to talk to someone who was so passionate about the food they eat and so animate about providing food for people that was local so they knew where it can from. She mentioned the importance of connecting food to the farmer and how as Christians we don't need to be selfish about our abundance. 

After seeing how a huge farm worked we gathered at my Prof's families house and enjoyed an almost vegan meal (we had homemade bread with eggs). Needless to say it was delicious. We got to talk to her family about living/raising children while choosing a vegetarian lifestyle. They were so open and honest it was really awesome.

Today was so amazing I can't describe it. My appreciation for food went way up. In closing I wanted to share a small part from a prayer that we read as a class... 

   But I concede the point your not-so-subtle silence suggests:
        There is enough. There is enough, 
        and our the work of getting it where it needs to go
  There is enough, and it is your grace and compassion
        that enables us to share 
    Break our bread around tables, reclined to remember. 

        Save us this day. Give us life: our eyes are upon you. 

Never pass up the opportunity to break bread with the people around you. The fellowship is always blessed :-) 


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